Ahuva Good Shepherd

Ahuva Good Shepherd is a place of love and solace for children. This is their new home where life is shared and hope is built. Through its services, Ahuva Good Shepherd aims to:-

  • Foster positive family relationships through effective communication and understanding between children and their families
  • Share lives through reaching out to children who need a nurturing and conducive environment by journeying with them in their healing and growth process

Residential Care Service

Ahuva Good Shepherd provides nurturing and safe residential care to girls aged between 4 and 16 years old. These girls come from single parent families or from families in which parents are not able to cope with the child and/or experiencing marital discord.

Our programmes include:
  • 24-hour Residential Care
  • Counselling & Therapy
  • Educational Support
  • Life & Social Skills Training

Interim Placement & Assessment Centre (IPAC)

IPAC is an extension of our residential care service to children under Child Protection who need a temporary safe environment while investigation and assessment take place to decide on their future care arrangements.

The Centre provide a safe and nurturing environment for Child Protection cases, while assessment into the care needs of these Children and Young Persons (CYPs) are undertaken to facilitate timely placement of these CYPs in the most appropriate care environment.

It engages these CYPs with age-appropriate activities that seek to meet their physical, social, emotional and educational needs during their stay with us.

Contact Ahuva Good Shepherd at Tel: 6256 4440.
  • “I learnt to be more patient and cooperative from the activities and learning. I also found out that my talent is I can run very fast and I can dance!”
    Resident, Ahuva Good Shepherd
  • “I enjoy the swimming lessons, parties and bible study Ahuva has for us. The sports lessons are quite tough though!”
    Resident, Ahuva Good Shepherd
  • “I have a lot of experiences in AGS. The one that I want to describe is about an experience of us learning how to cook Fish “n” Chips and Cottage Pie. We had to search the internet for recipes and get all the ingredients. We prepared, cooked and baked with some help from staff. It was exciting and we learnt to work as a team.”
    Resident, Ahuva Good Shepherd