Ahuva Good Shepherd FAQs


I am a single parent and facing financial hardship as well as in ill-health. I am unable to care for my daughter who is only 3 years old. Can she be accepted into Ahuva Good Shepherd?

Generally, we accept any children in the stated age group of 4 years old to 16 years old who fit into our admission criteria. If your child is below or above the stated age, we would help to refer your child to another home.

Where is Ahuva Good Shepherd located and how can I reach them if I have further enquiries?

Ahuva Good Shepherd is located at Marymount Centre. We will be delighted to serve you should you require further information. Kindly contact us at 6256 4440 or email ahuva@marymountctr.org.sg.

I have a 10 years old daughter and 6 years old son. I really do not want to separate them. Could Ahuva Good Shepherd admit both of them?

Ahuva Good Shepherd only admits girls so we could only admit your daughter. If requested, we could help to refer your son to another home which accepts boys.

Is it necessary for the parents to pay for the children to stay at the Ahuva Good Shepherd?

Ahuva Good Shepherd collects contribution fees from the parents to defray some cost in running programmes and activities for the children. The contribution fee is heavily subsidized. Parents are greatly encouraged to contribute as a way of showing care and concern for their children.

Does Ahuva Good Shepherd accept children of different races and religion?

Yes, we accept children of different races and religion.

Does Ahuva Good Shepherd accept children who are non-Singaporeans?

Children must be holding Singapore Citizenship, Singapore PR status or have a valid Student Pass. However, Ahuva Good Shepherd would use its best endeavours to accept these children, where reasonably possible, on a case by case basis.

If my child needs financial assistance, could I obtain this from Ahuva Good Shepherd?

As part of our services, our case worker/social worker would help to apply to the necessary bodies eg. school, MOE and/or organizations such as SINDA, CDAC, etc for additional financial help for your child if this is needed.

Ahuva Good Shepherd does not provide financial assistance in monetary form to the parent but would provide sufficiently for the daily needs and schooling needs of the child as it would deem appropriate.

What are the operation and office hours of Ahuva Good Shepherd?

Ahuva Good Shepherd operates on a 24-hour basis but its office hours are from 9am to 6pm.

How often could I visit my child who is staying at Ahuva Good Shepherd? Could I drop by anytime?

Parents have to make prior appointments to see the children due to the children’s engagement in school, programmes or activities. The case worker/social worker would work out with you on the visiting arrangements best suited to all parties.

What are the donation needs of Ahuva Good Shepherd?

Ahuva Good Shepherd accepts cash donations and donations-in-kind. However, for donations-in-kind, we would greatly appreciate that you contact Ahuva Good Shepherd first to confirm acceptance of your donations-in-kind prior to delivery to prevent wastage in case we may have already receive similar donations-in-kind.

How long can a child stay in Ahuva Good Shepherd?

The stay varies on the family circumstances. The stay at Ahuva Good Shepherd are reviewed periodically.