Good Shepherd Centre

Good Shepherd Centre is a crisis shelter where teenagers, women, mothers and their children as well as foreign domestic workers can rebuild their lives after violence, abuse and victimization.

At Good Shepherd Centre, we offer a home-like and safe environment where the women and children learn to live responsibly and independently. We run programmes which empower them to manage and take responsibility for their own lives and gradually reintegrate with their families and the wider community.

 The programme includes:

  • Counselling & Therapy
  • Group Living
  • Life Skills Training
  • Recreational
  • Wellness
  • Spiritual Support

Contact Good Shepherd Centre at Tel: 6256 4440.

  • “I was sent to Good Shepherd Centre after experiencing bad things in Singapore. I did not know what my life was going to be. I was scared and worried about my future. The Staff were very patient with me and taught me many good things. I discovered my talents in baking and I felt so much joy when doing it. I also learned dancing, singing and even had opportunities to go on outings that were sponsored by the volunteers!”

    Resident, Good Shepherd Centre
  • “For 17 years, I lived with a man who gave me 4 children. He gambled, womanized, bashed me up and threatened to throw the 4 children down the flat. Life was a nightmare and a lost gamble for me! I seek help in a Family Service. They arranged for my children and I to stay at Good Shepherd Centre. I was lost, confused and I thought I was going mad. I too wanted to end it all with my children. However, the staff there was very patient and understanding towards me. Through their counselling and care, I rise up and become strong for my children. The staff is always there when I needed a listening ear, they even get furniture for my flat. Truly, Good Shepherd Centre is like family to me. I experience true love and care.”

    Resident, Good Shepherd Centre