Good Shepherd Centre FAQs

I have a female neighbour that has been abused by his husband. Can I refer her to the crisis shelter?

The cases in our crisis shelter are generally referred by the Police, hospitals and/or Family Service Centre. You may wish to refer your relative/friend/neighbour to seek appropriate help from the said places or refer her to the appropriate places which could then refer the case to our crisis shelter if necessary via the Referral Form. If in any doubt, you may ask her to contact the crisis shelter for the necessary directions.

Where is the crisis shelter located?

For the safety of the victims, the location of the shelter cannot be revealed. Should you require further information, you may contact Marymount Centre at 62564440.

I have a 10 years old son with me. If the crisis shelter accepts me, may I bring my son with me to stay in the crisis shelter?

The crisis shelter only accepts male clients up to 9 years of age and they are only admitted to the shelter together with their mothers. Thus a 10 years old male would not be eligible for the crisis shelter.

If I need financial assistance, could I receive help from the crisis shelter?

The crisis shelter does not provide financial assistance. Clients would be referred to the appropriate Family Service Centre, Social Service Office or the CDCs for assistance.

Could I seek counseling help from the crisis shelter but not stay in the crisis shelter?

The crisis shelter offers counseling help to women within its service group whenever necessary and appropriate.

Does the crisis shelter accept clients of different races and religion and non- Singaporeans?

Yes, the crisis shelter accepts residents of different races and religion and also non- Singaporeans who fall under the targeted service groups.

Does the crisis shelter take in homeless cases?

Homeless cases do not fall within the crisis shelter’s targeted service groups though the crisis shelter could assist such needy cases through referrals or appropriate resources.

Is it necessary for clients to pay to stay at the crisis shelter?

The crisis shelter collects contribution fees from clients to help maintain and upkeep the premises. The contribution fee is heavily subsidized by the crisis shelter.

What are the operation and office hours of the crisis shelter?

The crisis shelter operates on a 24-hour basis but its office hours are from 8am to 10pm.

If I feel I need a place in the crisis shelter at a later time and would like to reserve a bed space, how could I go about doing this?

The crisis shelter accepts cases based on the urgency of cases and according to the admission criteria. Thus, reservation of bed space is not allowed.

Does the crisis shelter arrange for adoption of babies?

The crisis shelter does not undertake direct work with regard to adoption but would refer such cases to the appropriate agency to undertake the task.

What are the donation needs of the crisis shelter?

The crisis shelter accepts cash donations and donations-in-kind. However, for donations inkind, we would greatly appreciate that you contact the crisis shelter first to confirm acceptance of your donations-in-kind prior to delivery to prevent wastage in case the crisis shelter may have already receive similar donations in-kind.

  • I was sent to Good Shepherd Centre after experiencing bad things in Singapore. I did not know what my life was going to be. I was scared and worried about my future. The Staff were very patient with me and taught me many good things. I discovered my talents in baking and I felt so much joy when doing it. I also learned dancing, singing and even had opportunities to go on outings that were sponsored by the volunteers!
    N, Resident, Good Shepherd Centre
  • Working in Good Shepherd Centre has made me grow in Faith. Every day I see the grace of God working, transforming hurts, pains and abuse to healing, strength, smiles and energy for a better future. I appreciate the blessings of life more and they are the ones who show me how to count my blessings and share my blessings with others.
    Teresa Yong, Staff, Good Shepherd Centre
  • What I find most enjoyable about the English class I teach is that it’s different every week. The class is made up of various nationalities and we each get to learn a bit more about each other’s cultures and countries. It’s great to see how new students develop confidence over the weeks and months. Even though it’s sometimes challenging as a teacher, I always feel much happier after each class and feel that I have tried to contribute something to others.

    Even after all these years, it’s still a highlight of my week! I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the great work that GSC does to improve the lives of women in their care.

    Claire Smith, Volunteer, Good Shepherd Centre