Volunteering Opportunities

For the many volunteers whom have graced us with their loving support and helping hands through the years, we are truly grateful. They have indeed touched many lives of the women and children under our care.

If you would like to support us in reaching out to these women and children, do come and join us as a volunteer.

Volunteering Opportunities

Children Services - Ahuva Good Shepherd & Good Shepherd Student Care

  • Give Tuition
  • Conduct Enrichment Programmes (e.g. English, Chinese, Mathematics, Science, Music & Movement, Speech & Drama, Art & Craft, Cookery, etc.)
  • Conduct Bible Study Programme
  • Conduct Sports & Games Activities
  • Conduct Team Building Activities
  • Organise/Help out in School Holiday Programmes
  • Conduct Fitness/Wellness Programme
  • Conduct Counselling/Therapy Sessions/Emotional Well-being Programme
  • Organise/Help out during Outings/Events/Festive Celebrations
  • Source for Sponsorship for Tickets/Food/Transport, etc. for Outings/Festive Celebrations
  • Source for Sponsorship for Children’s Tuition Fees/Programme Fees/Psychological Assessment Fees

Women Services - Good Shepherd Centre

  • Conduct Fitness/Wellness Programmes (e.g. Dancing, Zumba, Yoga, etc.)
  • Conduct English Language Classes
  • Conduct Grooming Skills Classes (e.g. Skin Care, Make-Up, Manicure, Pedicure, etc.)
  • “For me, there is so much satisfaction and fulfilment to see them laugh. I feel for them. Shakespeare says, ‘….if music be the fruit of LOVE, then play on….’ Indeed the music and songs at the Good Shepherd Centre will play on..and on…and on…..”
    Albert, Volunteer, Good Shepherd Centre
  • “I volunteered because I have 2 daughters of my own whom I wanted to bring up to be responsible and caring people. But how can I do that unless I show by example. It doesn’t take much time or money to help out at the centre. They say that there is no greater pleasure then the art of giving. I have been privileged because, in volunteering, I received more than I gave.”
    Sandra, Volunteer, Ahuva Good Shepherd
  • “I started volunteering with Good Shepherd Student Care four years ago in 2011. I was looking for something meaningful to do in my life. I have never look back since. I find the volunteering experience enriching. Just when I thought I was giving, I was actually receiving. The more I interacted with the girls and the staff, the more I find myself lacking. They taught me tolerance, patience and humility. My stint in Marymount Centre-Good Shepherd Student Care adds a whole dimension to my life and gives me yet another reason to wake up in the mornings.”

    Selina, Volunteer, Good Shepherd Student Care
  • “What I find most enjoyable about the English class I teach is that it’s different every week. The class is made up of various nationalities and we each get to learn a bit more about each other’s cultures and countries. It’s great to see how new students develop confidence over the weeks and months.

    Even though it’s sometimes challenging as a teacher, I always feel much happier after each class and feel that I have tried to contribute something to others. Even after all these years, it’s still a highlight of my week! I appreciate the opportunity to contribute to the great work that GSC does to improve the lives of women in their care.”

    Claire Smith, Volunteer, Good Shepherd Centre
  • “I give tuition once a week and help out the staff and children on an ad hoc basis. It has given me a sense of purpose and has brought a lot of joy!”

    Jiayun, Volunteer, Ahuva Good Shepherd
  • “Volunteer at Good Shepherd Student Care has been enriching and meaningful experience for me. I enjoy interacting and being around kids. Having no younger relatives, I look forward to talking to them. The kids at GSSC are very bubbly, cheerful and chatty. Although sometimes they may bully or tease you, we know that eventually they are just being friendly with you.

    This is also part of the challenges that we may face while tutoring them due to their energy-packed bodies. It may be difficult to get them to concentrate at first but after a while, we learn to deal with such cases, letting them relax sometimes but being stern at times too. I have learnt to be patient as well as to think from their perspective and explain in simpler terms.

    Overall, I enjoy my time here tutoring and helping them and hopefully being able to put my knowledge into use!”

    Jing En, Volunteer, Good Shepherd Student Care
  • “Volunteering has taught me patience and commitment, and draws me closer to God. I enjoy the interaction with the girls.”

    Anne, Volunteer, Ahuva Good Shepherd