A Mother Finds Support in GSSC

Washing, mopping, cooking, school homework, job stresses, mounting debts, a bruised heart and children who bring joy as well as cause blood pressure to rise. This was what Dorothy*, single mother to 2 young girls found herself in. Dorothy’s daughters, Beatrice* and Betsy* had their worries and problems too.
As Dorothy gritted her teeth to work hard at her full-time job, she entrusted the after-school care of her daughters to Good Shepherd Student Care (GSSC). She is grateful that the girls have a hot lunch, and help with homework. Unlike some of her friends, she doesn’t worry about how to occupy her children during school holidays. GSSC has an array of activities that are fun as well as enriching. Dorothy is quietly thankful each time she signs the consent forms for her daughters to participate in the programmes.
Dorothy said, “Thank you for helping keep an eye on the kids and making them whole. They have grown up with you and I feel happy they are part of the centre.”
Betsy said, “I want to thank Mdm Chaung (Programme Manager) for helping my mother not be so depressed and so sad, and other teachers who help me with my homework.” She also appreciates that teachers checked in on her asking, “Are you okay?” every so often during her stressful times.
One of her favourite GSSC programmes by Jonathan Chee Sze Chiang is cooking with Ms Eleana. “It helps us bond with our friends, and teaches us how to cook so we know how to cook for others in the future.” She has fond memories of the two-day-one-night camp last year at Boys’ Town Adventure Centre, which was sponsored by generous well-wishers. “It was the most time my sister and I spent together without fighting. I accidently banged my head in the tent but it was okay,” she said, with a nostalgic smile.

Beatrice and Betsy understand that their mother is unable to afford overseas holiday, but they are satisfied with the rock-climbing, abseiling, sumptuous BBQ dinner, interesting games, and the Smiggle presents they received from some caring volunteers. Their time in GSSC will be cherished for a long time to come.

*Pseudonyms have been used to protect the identities of the family.