A Tortoise, Resident, Good Shepherd Centre

“When I first came to this shelter, I was very scared because I could not speak English and I did not know anyone. Even as I got to know the people around me, I could not trust anyone. I was always angry. I thought about why I was here, my police case and my family back in Indonesia. So I became a tortoise that went into my shell. I did not join the activities in the shelter. I stayed in my room and slept a lot. I felt safe only in my shell. But the staff did not give up on the tortoise. They kept encouraging me to come out of my shell. I felt that the staff cared for me. Slowly, I started to trust them. I told them everything I felt inside. The tortoise became brave to stick my head out. Now, I smile and laugh more. I have friends and I join many activities. I like dancing and cooking. From the shelter, I learned to bake Chinese New Year cookies, for which staff and volunteers kindly contributed some money for me to send back to my family. The tortoise is happy and I do not need to hide in my shell anymore.”