Good Shepherd Centre (GSC)

Journeying On

A Safe Sanctuary

GSC was set up in 1986 to provide a safe place for women who have been abused or who suffer from seemingly insurmountable difficulties, to work through their trauma and crisis. Some of the women, often with children in tow, are survivors of chronic domestic violence. As far as possible, we accommodate the mothers and their children together in the shelter. Some of the abused spouses are foreigners with little family support and few friends they can turn to.

Through our care and compassion, and programmes and activities, the women experience healing and are empowered to tap on their inner strength and resources to rebuild their lives and plan a future for themselves and their families.

As earning an income is key to their independence, we help them to find a job. We are blessed with understanding and compassionate employers who believe in our mission and who partner with us to provide jobs for the women under our care. We also help the women in their search for a decent roof over their heads.

GSC is appointed by the Singapore Government to provide victim care for women who have been trafficked into Singapore.