I Broke My Vow

I Broke My Vow

By Ho Zhi Xin

“Student Care Teacher” may not exactly sound like the most prestigious job to most people, and I would have agreed with others if I have not worked as one.

When I was 10 years old, my parents enrolled me in a student care. The loneliness and lack of care which I experienced when I was a child made me vowed that I would never send my own children to a student care. I used to find excuses to stay back in school so that I could skip student care.

My passion and love for children attracted me to Good Shepherd Student Care (GSSC). My first job experience has enabled me to change my perspective on after school care. GSSC is a student care with a difference; it is a home away from home for our children, not just a shelter for girls with busy parents.

Every day, the children would come to me and share how much they enjoy coming to GSSC. They look forward to meeting their caring teachers and supportive friends. The children have brought tremendous joy to me at work. They share the funniest things and do the most innocent actions, all in the name of love.

I am greatly humbled by this pure and genuine love of the children for me. I find myself missing the children during the weekends and wishing that Monday would come faster so that I can be with the children again. I no longer call them “the kids”, but “MY kids”. I will continue to look for the good and positive in each child, touching lives of the little ones and building hope for them.

This photo of me was taken by one of MY kids who was playfully snapping away during her break.

I invite anyone out there looking for a fulfilling job with children to consider being a student care teacher in GSSC, and discover, like I did, the joys of teaching some wonderful girls who never fail to uplift me.

Come and be a part of the Marymount Centre family.