Ahuva Good Shepherd

Interim Placement and Assessment Centre

Ahuva Good Shepherd – Interim Placement and Assessment Centre provides an interim care option for children who need a safe care environment while there are ongoing social investigations and assessments of their needs. IPAC received its first child in June 2015; to date more than 250 children have found solace with us.

Standing in and Bridging the Gap
The Ministry of Social and Family Development (MSF) Child Protection Services investigates the allegations of abuse, makes assessments and works with various services to explore the next form of permanent placement for the child, such as kinship care, foster families, and children’s home. During this time, usually for about one month, IPAC stands in the gap, between the child’s family home and the next safe permanent placement, to provide a transitory safe place for the child and support her in all ways possible.

These children who likely suffer from traumatic stress are usually in a high state of anxiety and have difficulty regulating their emotions and behaviours. Some are clingy and fearful, others act out with aggression and most have sleep problems. We patiently walk with them, lovingly assuring them that there is hope and light at the end of their present dark and fearsome tunnel. As we journey with these children, we are humbled by their resilience and courage. We have learnt much from their indomitable spirit.

We have been blessed by a strong and reliable team of staff, supportive partners and volunteers who believe in the children, and doggedly work towards building a life-giving path to bridge the gap for each one of them.