Kamala, Staff, Ahuva Good Shepherd – Children’s Home

“Marymount Centre’s mission of “Empowering Lives, restoring rights, upholding dignity” is not just to carry out our mission for our girls and women, because I experienced it first hand for myself too. A couple of years ago, I fell very ill. The doctors did not know what was wrong with me, but I was unable to work for a while. Even when at one point, it seemed there was no cure for my sickness, there was no talk by Marymount Centre’s management of asking me to leave the organization, but just lots of care, sympathy and support for me and my family members as I struggle through my illness. The Sisters prayed for me and got the girls to pray together for me every day too. I had all the medical benefits, all the medical leave and non-paid leave given to me for my recovery. I felt very cared for and supported both physically and spiritually. I have never experienced such care in other organizations that I worked before. This experience inspired me and kept me working here. In other ways, I also felt very trusted and supported by the management. Every training opportunity is given to me, both locally and overseas – Sanctuary Model training in Singapore, Mission Enrichment Journey in KL, Mission Link Gathering in Sabah, and all the way to Angers, France for a retreat and pilgrimage. I feel like a member of a family – the Marymount Centre Family and I am very blessed to be working here.”